These Lowly Objects (forthcoming from Gold Wake Press, 2020)

Short Story Collection
True Places Never Are, 2015, Moon City Press (finalist for the Lascaux Prize, 2015; winner of the Moon City Press Short Fiction Award, 2014)

✺ “Arm, Clean Off,” Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World, 2015, W. W. Norton & Company
✺ “I’ll Go Now,” Descansos: Words from the Wayside, 2017, Darkhouse Books

Forthcoming Stories
✺ “Cherry Bomb,” (June, 2019), TSS Publishing 
✺ “Heretic,” (Summer, 2019), Tahoma Literary Review
✺ “Reservoir,” (Summer, 2019), Atticus Review

Selected Stories and Essays
✺ “Arm, Clean Off,” 2003, Glimmer Train
✺ “Certain Smile,” 2019, Barren Magazine
✺ “Come to Me,” 2007 (reprise in “best of” issue, 2009), Tank Magazine
✺ “Everything’s Lighter in Water,” 2002, The Louisville Review
Flag Guy,” 2018, Iron Horse Literary Review, NewsFlash
✺ “Four Out of Five Dentists Agree,” 2018, Ellipsis Zine, Four: The Whisper Place
✺ “His Favorites,” 2017, Bull & Cross
✺ “How Can You Title Longing?” 2008, The Louisville Review
✺ “It’s Not Your Hat,” 2004,  The Vestal Review
✺ “Let Go,” 2015, The Moon City Review
✺ “Never Salute a Bare Head,” 2017, (b)OINK
✺ “Routine Cleaning,” 2018, (essay) Heavy Feather Review
✺ “A Sword is a Question,” 2018, Barrelhouse