Selected Creative Works

True Places Never Are. Moon City Press.

These Lowly Objects. Gold Wake Press.

+ The Sympathy of Clocks” (The Ship Navigator’s Wife Tries Patience and Dear Iona). The Weekly, Five South.
+ “Fold the Shadows.” Chestnut Review.
+ Resurface.” Birdcoat Quarterly.
+ “Ineffable.” Little Patuxent Review.
+ “Psycho.” Rogue Agent.
+ “In Margherita’s Kingdom.” Third Wednesday.
+ “Falling Is the Deadest Thing.” Citron Review.
+ “Cuts.” Citron Review.
+ “Disguise.” Freedom/Rapture, Black Bough Poetry. Print Only.
+ “Ghazal for a Dispirited Place.” Small Orange.
+ “Sing Away, My Sister.” jmww.
+ “Love Is a Graveyard for the Lonely.” Occulum.
+ “Consequences in Water.Birdcoat Quarterly.
+ “If only I could choose my own country.” Stonecoast Review.
+ “Every Body Has Ghosts.” Luna Luna Magazine.
+ “RSVP Is the Collective Noun for Snowy Egrets.” Split Rock Review.
+ “Mother Courage.” Kissing Dynamite.
+ “The loon wails this morning.” Half Mystic Journal. Print only.
+ “The Lives I Save Are Never My Own.” Coal Hill Review.
+ “In the Middle of Nowhere.” Crab Fat Magazine.
+ “Dark Knots.” Rogue Agent.
+ “Cocoon.” Anti-Heroin Chic.
+ “Deep Wax.” Anti-Heroin Chic.
+ “More’s the Pity.” Anti-Heroin Chic.
+ “Chyrons Run Through My Head.5th Wall.
+ “Lopsided.” petrichor: A Journal of Text & Image.
+ “Drought.” Barren Magazine.
+ “At the Edge of a Stand of Trees by Moonlight.” Occulum.
+ “Reckoning.” Into the Void.
+ “Ghost Light.” Burrow Press Review.
+ “A Slip Jig and Reel in Cut-Time.” Shenandoah (previously

winner of the Kentuckiana Prize).
+ “Inaugural Poem, January 20, 2001.” Crab Orchard Review.

+ “and Mister George Eastman once told me to embrace light, admire it, love it.” Hypertext Review.
+ “Lookers.” Hypertext Review.
+ “Last Days of Men.” Phoebe: A Journal of Literature and Art.
+ “Making It.” Okay Donkey.
+ “Unrhymed Sonnet Constructed with American Sentences.” Crack the Spine.
+ “Poppies.” Riggwelter.
+ “Cherry Bomb.” TSS Publishing.
+ “Love Is a Graveyard for the Lonely.” Occulum.
+ “Heretic.” Tahoma Literary Review. Print only.
+ “Reservoir.” Atticus Review.
+ “The World Will Blow.” Unbroken Journal.
+ “Certain Smile.” Barren Magazine.  ​
+ “Four Out of Five Dentists Agree.” Ellipsis Zine, Four: The Whisper Place.
+ “Depending on the Horizon.” Unbroken Journal.
+ “Flag Guy.” Iron Horse Literary Review, Newsflash.
+ “Routine Cleaning.” Heavy Feather Review.
+ “Never Salute a Bare Head.” 2020, Derelict Lit

+ “His Favorites.” Bull & Cross.
+ “Let Go.” Moon City Review. Print only.
+ “Come to Me.” TANK Magazine. Print only.
+ “How Can You Title Longing?” The Louisville Revie
w. Print only.
+ “Everything’s Lighter in Water.” The Louisville Review. Print only.

+ It’s Not Your Hat.” Vestal Review.
+ “Arm, Clean Off.” Glimmer Train. Print only.

+ “Sing Away, My Sister.” jmww anthology VII (forthcoming).
+ “Lesson Plan.” Humans in the Wild: Reactions to a Gun-Loving Country2020, Swallow Publishing.
​+ “I’ll Go Now.” Descansos: Words from the Wayside, 2017, Darkhouse Books.
+ “Arm, Clean Off,” [abridged]. Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World, 2015, W. W. Norton & Company

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