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In These Lowly Objects, Cate McGowan, as usual, is a brilliant wordsmith—her prose sings like poetry. And her indomitable protagonist, Jules Lalande, takes irreverence to another level as McGowan charts the interior lives of all her complex characters, as she focuses on the kind of courage it takes to be different, on what makes an artist an artist. In this rich world of famous painters, authors, and truth-seekers, great masters are as flawed as any mere mortal. McGowan’s wry wit and depth of understanding are breathtaking, and These Lowly Objects is a stunning novel.
          —Brad Watson, author of The Heaven of Mercury and Miss Jane

These Lowly Objects is a hilarious historical romp, whose rich mystery often progresses by destabilizing what the reader thinks they know, always promising the real truth must surely be just a few pages farther in. McGowan’s gorgeous prose captivates throughout, creating a richly imagined caper full of honest oddities and clever games, surprising disguises and brilliant deceptions.
           —Matt Bell, author of Appleseed: A Novel and Refuse to be Done

In These Lowly Objects, Cate McGowan has fashioned one of the great fictional characters of our time in Jules Lalande, Dadaist extraordinaire. From his Dickensian childhood alongside a second cousin (and later, wife), Isobel, McGowan tracks—in rich, rigorous prose—the Zelig-like Lalande’s wanderings through fin de siècle Paris as he rubs elbows with Degas and Cézanne, fights in World War I, lands in New York with Breton, becomes a professional boxer, hangs out with Duchamp, and disappears in Cuba—or does he? Enter this remarkably imagined, enchanted world and discover the many delights of McGowan’s marvelous creation.
        —Robin Lippincott, author of Blue Territory and In the Meantime

Short Story Collection
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As I read these remarkable stories, I fell headlong for Cate McGowan’s tender, fierce, and deliciously complicated characters. Gritty and gorgeous, True Places Never Are is an astonishing collection and McGowan is a one-of-a-kind talent.
         —Laura van den Berg, author of The Third Hotel and I Hold the Wolf by the Ears

Cate McGowan’s debut story collection, True Places Never Are, travels nimbly through geography and time, taking us through cities of the past and present via timeless rural towns. Here, we encounter the fullness of human existence distilled into moments of elemental violence, thwarted artistic ambition, and palpable yearning for true connection—with family, lovers, and the land.
          —Wendy Rawlings, author of The Agnostics and Time for Bed

Cate McGowan’s first collection of stories, True Places Never Are, is a virtuosity of language and storytelling suffused with grace and wisdom. Her range of narrative appears limitless, her vantage point sublime and sensuous, earthy yet etheric. Each story is jeweled and brutally rich with joy and sorrow. Possessed of an eye fierce for truth and a passionate empathy for the human condition, Cate McGowan gives us, in True Places Never Are, a stunning debut collection, a literary treasury of tragedy, honor and hope.
        —Melissa Pritchard, author of Palmerino and A Solemn Pleasure

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